Welcome to kids indaba zone at Baba indaba


This exhibition will focus on the 6-12 year old children.  The expo will include educational exhibits, entertainment, fashion, sporting and physical activities, healthy living and toys, making it a really great day out for primary school children that will be great fun, safe and developmental.   The Kids Indaba brand is designed to appeal to mothers as well as the children themselves.  Kids should find the brand fun and "cool" while parents should see the entertainment and developmental value.

The expo will be held in Cape Town, and Sandton.  Running in tandem with the already popular Baba Indaba it will cater for the needs and aspirations of the children in this age group and their parents.

We promote healthy, intelligent living. 

Sci Bono, the Science centre will be exhibiting at Sandton with a range of fascinating activities. 

Why exhibit at kids indaba

After five years of hosting the Baba Indaba expos, Kids Indaba is a natural progression for our loyal visitors whose children have now grown up a little and are entering this new and exploratory age of primary school.  These children already have opinions on and a brand loyalty toward the brands that have been successful in reaching them.  This would have been largely through the influence of parents and older siblings and the medium of television and their schools.  At Kids Indaba we are providing the only experiantial marketing platform to reach this age group.  Available to large and small businesses alike, the expo will provide that direct contact with a large number of consumers affectionately referred to as the "Pester Power" group.  Those with children of this age will need no further explanation.

kids indaba focus

Our aim is to include exhibitors in the following categories:

  • world of sport
  • world of food
  • world of music
  • world of holidays
  • world of art
  • world of health
  • world of fashion
  • world of decor
  • world of Learning
  • world of reading